Big and Small Homes | Weekly Selection

Big and Small Homes | Weekly Selection

Fancy a one-bed, two-bed or even a five-bed property? This week we’ve put together a selection of small and large properties and have included almost every choice under the sun!

If you’re looking for a cosy one-bed apartment to call your second home, then scroll down to view this stylish property in Algarve, Portugal. It’s got everything one could ask for including a communal pool, security, private parking plus it’s located in a great location with restaurants and a golf course nearby.

Or if it’s a large, yet luxurious holiday home you’re after to escape the harsh weather then browse this four-bed villa in Valencia, Spain. The property is surrounded by lovely private gardens, close to supermarkets and just a few minutes from a large communal pool - all for a cool £120,000.

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