Buying Property in France

Buying Property in France So you've decided you want to buy in France - what next?

There are lots of different things to think about and consider when you're planning to buy a property in a new country, and the process can vary from what you're used to!

Here we've put together all the resources you need to get started with your property purchase.

Finding a lawyer

Once you've decided where in France you want to buy, and what kind of property you're looking for, you'll need to find a lawyer to represent you throughout the process.

Learn more about finding a lawyer.

Working with an estate agent in France

You'll probably need to enlist the help of an estate agent when you start looking for a property in France, and you'll need to know how they can help you to find your dream home!

Find out more about working with a French estate agent.

Purchase costs

In France, purchase costs when you're buying a property are around 7% of the purchase price (less for new builds). 

Find a full breakdown of the purchase costs here.

Costs of Ownership

When you're deciding on a property in France, you need to consider how much it'll cost you to run each year before you decide to buy.

Find out more about the types of costs you will need to consider here.

Getting a mortgage

Do you need a mortgage for your French property purchase? Find out about the income requirements and the application process.

Read more about getting a mortgage in France here.

Building Surveys

Building surveys aren't as common in France as they are in the UK.

Find out more about they types of survey available here.