Record tourism and a healthy economy: why BTL investors are looking to Florida

British buy to let investors are looking to the Sunshine Coast - find out why it's becoming an increasingly popular choice!

14 July 2023

Endless beaches and no crowds: there’s more to Florida than Disney

Abi bought a holiday home in Florida, after a lifetime of holidays and good memories in the Sunshine State

22 May 2023

Case Study - “We didn’t go into Florida thinking it would be a great investment, but it was”

Alan and Alison LOVE Florida, we sat down to talk with them about what it's like to buy a property in the Sunshine State

16 May 2023

“Our two Florida buy to let rental investments fund our holidays”

Martin and Claire bought two rental properties in Florida, and they now use the rental income from them to fund their holidays! They started their journey at A Place in the Sun Live and we caught up with them to find out more...

31 March 2023

"We needed a holiday home to pay for itself: Florida was the answer"

3 November 2022

How to buy property in Florida and cushion the strong dollar

3 October 2022

Case Study - “My Florida villa rentals have worked so well I want to buy another home”

17 March 2022

“Our Florida rental investment has been worth the wait – bookings are great!”

11 February 2022

No fly, no buy? Not for one Disney-mad Scot who has purchased her dream home in Florida

21 September 2021

Five Minute Focus | Orlando, Florida

11 June 2020
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