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Top 10 Best Places to Buy Abroad 2021 | 5. Greece

Greece is the fifth most popular destination for Brits buying abroad - find out more about the most popular areas here!

12 February 2021

Five Minute Focus | Corfu, Greece

In our latest 'Five Minute Focus' instalment, we take a trip down to the Ionian island of Corfu, in Greece.

27 June 2019

Greek Property Market Gathers Pace in 2019

Greece is certainly having its moment and is currently fourth in our annual 'Top 10 Best Places to Buy Abroad' index. But what is the current state of the property market?

12 February 2019

Download Our Updated Greece Buying Guide

We've updated our popular buying guide to Greece with more advice, case studies and inspiration to help kickstart your plans this year.

29 January 2019

Case Study | A Proposal, Wedding & Property in Greece

18 December 2018

Case Study | Buying our Corfu Property

22 August 2018

Case Study | Building Our Dream Peloponnese Property

26 January 2018

A Closer Look at Property on the Greek Islands

26 October 2017

Case Study | Buying our Property in Crete the Right Way

2 October 2017

Greek Home Fit for the Gods | Case Study

21 March 2017
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