Best Places to Buy in 2017 - Greece

We are kicking off the new year with a countdown of the top ten places to buy abroad in 2017, and at number 6 is Greece...

3 February 2017

Enjoying our Semi-Retirement in Crete | Case Study

Roger Collins and Elizabeth Andrew fell in love with Crete on their second visit to the island in 2011. They talk to us about having a home built 2,500 miles away from the UK and life on the island.

19 August 2016

House Hunting on the Greek Islands - Part 2

In the final part of our Greek island series we explore the property market in Crete, Kefalonia and the Peloponnese.

16 August 2016

House Hunting on the Greek Islands - Part 1

Few destinations have Greece’s appeal and especially the country’s sumptuous islands. When it comes to the islands, accessibility is key, but will economy-driven changes affecting Greece’s transport links help or hinder buyers?

2 August 2016

New! 28 May | Summer Sun in Crete

26 May 2016

Snapshot of Property in Greece

13 May 2016

New! 30 April | Summer Sun in Kefalonia, Greece

28 April 2016

Escaping the 'Grexit' in Crete | Case Study

11 March 2016

New ! 4 January | Crete | More4 21.00

5 January 2016

Get Our Free Guide to Buying Property in Greece

27 November 2015
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