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Italy is not the only country that specialises in living stylishly and well – the Germans and the French know how to enjoy themselves too – but in Italy they do it all with a verve and zest that makes Italians among the most popular people in the world.

We love their art, opera, Ferraris, pizzas, clothes, cities, ancient ruins, rolling hills and shimmering waters. We have taken to every corner of Italy: in the north-west, the Alps and Lakes. DH Lawrence said of Lake Garda: “I sat and looked at the lake. It was as beautiful as Paradise, as the first creation.”

It still is, this is one country that has avoided the temptation to overdevelop. In the north-west is Venice, in the middle are Rome, “the eternal city” and the Bay of Naples, then south to the heat and beauty of Sicily in one corner and Puglia in the heel, where Amanda Lamb chose to buy, out of all the places in the world she’s seen.

Italy is slightly larger than the UK and has a slightly smaller population, 60 million. It’s a member of the “G7”, the seven largest economies in the world, a member of NATO and the EU. So it has substance as well as style.

Unlike some of its neighbours on the Mediterranean coast, Italy is not known for large-scale package holidays or Brits seeking early retirement. One survey found 26,000 British people living permanently in Italy, which is far fewer than in Spain, France or Portugal, although it has the same winter warmth in many areas, a superb coastline and lower living costs than the UK.

You are less likely to find a gated community in Italy, but it is more popular for holiday homes within the towns and villages, particularly in old renovated properties. Italy’s reputation as a weekend-break destination means that budget flights from the UK continue all year direct to most Italian airports. Those weekend-breakers are often looking for culture, lifestyle, romantic views and café culture – all of which Italy has in abundance.

The north of Italy is wealthier and its property prices are generally a little higher, especially if you are looking for properties in the Milan area. The south is more rural and traditional, with cheaper property (including the famous trullos of Puglia) but there is a reputation for corruption.

There is less of an infrastructure of English-speaking agents, lawyers and professionals in Italy, but in all the most popular areas for foreign house buyers you will find them.

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