Property for Sale in Turkey

A Quick Look at Property in Turkey

As well as attracting millions of us each year for vacations and affordable holiday homes, Turkey has become a popular spot for Brits seeking retirement homes (or at least long winters away from the Britain). It’s cheaper to live in than some of our old favourites and, whisper it, some people think the Turkish people are friendlier than in the western Med too. 

Turkey has a string of special coastal towns and resorts along its 700 kilometre Aegean/Mediterranean coast from Çesme in the north right down to Alanya. This is by far the most popular place to buy – who wouldn’t be tempted by somewhere called the Turquoise Coast? Stunning highlights include Olu Deniz, arguably the most beautiful little stretch of sand in the whole Mediterranean.

There are towns combining beach life with classical history too, such as Bodrum, site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The beaches and waters of the Turquoise Coast have distinguished fans, include David Beckham and David Cameron.

Turkey isn’t just about the beaches, though. It has ski resorts not far from Fethiye and adventure activities including white-water rafting, hiking and paragliding. Being a Muslim country, Turkey has a more modest attitude to holiday fun – a bit less excessive hedonism than in some countries.

Until the 1920s much of this coast was lived in by Greeks and Turks together, and the mixture of styles can be most attractive, especially in old fishing villages like Çesme. Home hunters have been venturing a little way off the coast too, to villages like Uzumlu, among the forested hills.

The British are the biggest overseas property buyers in Turkey and there are quite large communities building up. More than 5,000 British people call Fethiye home, for example, tempted by attractive apartments from under £50,000. Russians used to be big buyers in Turkey but tensions between the two countries have cut this considerably. 

Although the Mediterranean coast has the most popular places to buy and the easiest in terms of English-speaking agents, lawyers and professionals – there are alternatives. The Black Sea coast is wetter and more mountainous, but the ancient port city of Trabzon has been attracting some adventurous buyers. There is also the vast interior of Turkey and the cities of Izmir and Istanbul which could well become investment hotspots as Turkey strengthens its economy as the route between East and West

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