Buying property in Portugal

Buying property in Portugal Portugal is one of the most popular countries for foreigners buying a property overseas, and whilst choosing your new property is a really exciting time, you will need to make sure you've done as much research on the buying process as possible before you take the plunge!

Find out what you need to know about buying a Portuguese property below.

How to buy a property in Portugal

If you've decided to buy a property in Portugal, the buying process may seem a bit daunting! It can be difficult to know how to get the ball rolling on your purchase, so we've outlined some of the steps you need to take to make your dream a reality.

Do you need a lawyer to buy property in Portugal?

We always advise that it's a good idea to enlist the help of an independent Portuguese lawyer as early as possible. They will act for you throughout the buying process, and with their help the purchase process from start to finish will be much smoother. 

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Working with an estate agent in Portugal

Working with an estate agent will enable you to find the best properties in your chosen area, within your budget. 

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What fees do you pay when buying a property in Portugal?

When you buy a property in Portugal you'll need to factor admin, registration and legal fees into your budget.

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Costs of ownership

When you're choosing your new Portuguese property, it's important that you consider how much it will cost you to run and maintain before you put an offer in.

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How do you get a mortgage in Portugal?

If you're buying your new property with the help of a mortgage, there are a number of different types of mortgage available to you. Find out more about the application process, affordability requirements and more.

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Do you need a building survey before buying in Portugal?

What kind of building surveys do you need when purchasing a property in Portugal?

Find out more about each type, and the kind of advice you need, here.

How do I get a power of attorney in Portugal?

You can choose to authorise someone to act on your behalf for legal matters during the purchase process (signing documents etc.). This can be especially useful if you won't be in Portugal while the purchase is ongoing, as you won't have to fly back and forth so few So that you don't have to fly to Spain to sign every document (which can become time consuming and expensive), you can authorise someone to act on your behalf in regards to legal matters.

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How do I get an NIF in Portugal?

In order to buy a property (and do a lot of other things!) in Portugal, you will need to have an NIF card.

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