Education system in Portugal

Education system in Portugal Moving to Portugal with children?

If so, your children's education - where they'll go to school and what their schooling will look like - will likely be towards the top of your list of considerations.

Find out about the key considerations, and how the Portuguese education system works, below.

Moving to Portugal with school aged children

In Portugal, schooling is compulsory for children between the ages of six and sixteen.

What type of school could my child attend in Portugal?

Residents can access state schools, which are a great option if you're moving to Portugal with young children. At a state school they'll be taught the Portuguese curriculum, in Portuguese, and this is one of the best ways for children to become fluent!

But Portugal has some excellent private international day and boarding schools running the British curriculum in English as well. These may be more suited to older children too, as it can be difficult to navigate secondary schooling, and a new language simultaneously. There are international schools in Lisbon (St Julian’s), Porto (Oporto British School) and the Algarve (NOBEL International School Algarve) just to name a few. We would recommend taking a tour during the school term, whilst school is in progress to get a really good feel for the atmosphere and the facilities on offer.