Getting your NIF in Portugal

Getting your NIF in Portugal When you buy a property in Portugal, regardless of if you plan to live in it full time or not, you will need to have an NIF number.

Find out more about it and and how to get one.

NIF number

To buy a property, or even open a bank account in Portugal, you will need a fiscal card (Cartão de Contribuinte) with your tax identity number (NIF). This is the equivalent of a UK National Insurance number. You should apply for this as soon as you start looking for a property, before you find your dream home.

How to apply for an NIF

Currently, you must apply for your NIF number in person, or appoint a lawyer or tax office, to obtain this on your behalf. You get the card from the local tax office (Repartição de Finanças) – most towns have one. Take photocopies of your passport along with the original, five Euros and a Portuguese address to which your card can be sent. You will need to notify the tax office if you change address.