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In his autobiography My Family and Other Animals, Gerald Durrell and his family are sitting squabbling in a dingy, overcrowded house in south London as the rain falls outside. “Right,” says the mother suddenly, “We are going to live in Greece.” And off they go, to the sunshine, warmth, Mediterranean passions and wildlife of Corfu, which changes all their lives.

Greece is sunny, welcoming and the property is inexpensive – fancy following Mrs Durrell?

It has a population of only 11 million spread across land the size of England, with a large mainland around which are hundreds of islands. It has a coastline of 17,000 kilometres – that’s four times longer than Spain’s – all lapped by the gentle, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, so there’s plenty of room for you.

The image of Greece has taken a knock in recent years, with thousands of migrants landing on its beaches and the country’s public finances in ruin. Don’t let that put you off! The migrant crisis is mainly limited to a few islands closest to Turkey and there are another 220 inhabited islands, many miles away, where life goes on as normal.

Secondly, the economic crisis may be severe, but tourist numbers have actually increased, reaching a new record of 26 million in 2015, which means that the places where most of us buy are thriving. Best of all, the thing that many of us notice first about Greece is the friendliness of its people – and they remain as warm and welcoming as ever.

When buying in Greece, think hard about when and how you will be using your property. There is a great variation in islands between those, for example, close to Athens, which tend to be expensive boltholes for Athenians, or those far away such as Corfu, which are more popular with British buyers. The British have a great affinity with Crete too, with large expat communities in the Chania and Rethymno areas.

Greece has escaped the overdevelopment that blights other countries. It doesn’t really do gated developments either, though there are modern developments if that’s what you like.

Travel out of season however, and you will need to change planes in Athens as the Greeks, despite government efforts, tend to close up their seaside resorts in October and head back to their villages and families – maybe that’s why they’re so friendly when the season starts again.

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