French Property Selection | March 2017

We're back with our monthly selection which includes 14 fabulous French homes covering a range of budgets.

15 March 2017

Best Places to Buy in 2017 - France

We are kicking off the new year with a countdown of the top ten places to buy abroad in 2017, and at number 2 is France...

3 March 2017

A Guide to Retiring to France

France is the most popular place for Brits to retire after Spain and it’s a figure that is increasing every year as more retirees are lured over to France by its food, weather, reasonable living costs, healthcare provision and proximity to the UK.

28 February 2017

Brexit Barometer for Brits in France

What does it feel like to be one of the 207,500 Britons living permanently in France, now that the UK has voted to go its own way? Nigel Lewis talks to expats from a range of backgrounds, ages and locations.

16 February 2017

French Property Selection | February 2017

15 February 2017

Finding Cheap French Properties in 2017

7 February 2017

Historically Low Rates for French Mortgages

31 January 2017

French Property Selection | January 2017

18 January 2017

Essex, Bermuda and France | Case Study

20 December 2016

French Property Selection | December 2016

14 December 2016
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