A Place in the Sun Revisited - Martyn and Shirley in the Lot et Garonne

Shirley and Martyn took part in the A Place in the Sun TV show with Ben Hillman, with their episode airing in November 2023. Was their cheeky offer of £225k on a five-bedroom farmhouse in Goujounac too good to be true?

14 November 2023

First step towards longer stays for British second-home owners in France

Good news for French holiday home owners! The French Senate is loosening the 90-day rule for British second-home owners

10 November 2023

A Place in the Sun - Zoe and Neil in the Lot et Garonne

Zoe Saunders-White and Neil are what Laura Hamilton dubbed a “DIY power couple’. In October 2021 they went out to film in southwest France looking for ‘genuine help and not TV fame’ to find project. With Zoe so determined to bag property number five in Duras that they didn’t even ‘sleep on it’ and ended up paying the asking price of £250,000 to take it off the market. Has it turned out to be a good move?

31 October 2023

Where to buy cheap property in France

Where can you find the best value properties in France? We've taken a look at the best areas to start your search if you're on the hunt for a bargain!

22 June 2023

A Place in the Sun Live Manchester Seminar Schedule Launched

7 February 2023

How much does it cost to buy a second home in France?

5 October 2022

Why Brittany hit the right note for our TV property hunters from Manchester

17 August 2022

Cost of living crisis: how does life in rural France compare?

24 May 2022

Which areas of France have the cheapest property?

29 January 2022

Getting a visa: Good tidings (and the latest tips)

1 January 2022
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