Living in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus Cyprus is a very popular choice for foreigners who want to move and start a new life abroad.

Find out everything you need to know about starting a new life in Cyprus below.

Healthcare in Cyprus

Once you've arrived in Cyprus, you'll need to make sure you have access to healthcare. We've outlined how the healthcare system in Cyprus works, as well as whether or not you'll want to invest in your own private healthcare insurance. 

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Applying for Residency in Cyprus

Once you have moved to Cyprus, you now need to apply for residency. Here we have outlined the different routes you can take when applying for residency. 

Take a look at the different residency options that are available to non-EU citizens.

Cost of living in Cyprus

When you move to Cyprus, you will need to consider how much day-to-day life will cost you. We've highlighted some of the things you'll need to consider. 

Learn more about these costs here.

Education system in Cyprus

If you're relocating to Cyprus with children, you'll need to consider where they'll attend school, as well as what kind of an education they'll receive. We have outlined some of the differences between the Cypriot and UK education systems. 

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If you are moving to Cyprus with the intention of retiring there, take a look at our dedicated 'Retiring to Cyprus' section. 

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