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For family fun with a bucket and spade on the beach there’s really nowhere better than the Spanish costas. If you want to sit in a bar eating little plates of delicious food, you will love it. If you fancy early retirement in warm sunshine even in January, the occasional round of golf, the grandchildren just a couple of hours flying time away, yep, this is the place.

For all its economic problems in recent years, living and buying property in Spain is easy. It’s a modern country with first class health and education services and a modern infrastructure. You can get away without speaking Spanish if you don’t want to and you will easily find a welcoming expat community in any corner of the country.

Choosing where to buy your house in Spain might be your biggest problem. There are ten islands to choose from, the Balearics in the Mediterranean or the Canaries in the Atlantic.

On the mainland there are great properties along the northern coast on the Bay of Biscay, where relatively few us buy, even though it’s uncrowded and has cultured and has lively cities like Bilbao and Santander. Then there is the choice of east and south coasts on the warmer Mediterranean, from the hip and trendy Costa Brava right down to the blingy Costa del Sol.

Don’t forget the interior – it’s more mountainous and far less populated than inland Britain so if you’re looking for a slice of the country, your own vineyard maybe, inland Spain might be a good place to start your property search.

Wherever you decide on, you will probably have a good choice of property. Spain is notorious for having built far too many houses and apartments in the boom years and being unable to sell them. In truth, the backlogs have been sold in the most popular locations, but you can still buy an apartment in an established resort from €50,000 or a country home for €150,000. 

We could go on: Spain has a wonderful culture, cuisine and countryside. It has some of the world’s great cities, like Barcelona and Seville, and 5,000 kilometres of its famous costas. How lucky we are to have all this within a two-hour, £19.99 flight from Britain!

For 300 years the Spanish ruled a huge global empire and now the world comes to them. It has the second highest number of tourists each year, about 65 million, and has also welcomed millions of immigrants. These include some 300,000 permanently resident British and as many again on extended holidays.

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