Buying property in Italy

Buying property in Italy So, you've decided that Italy is the place for you! In order to prepare for the move to Italy, you need to make sure you have done your research ahead of signing on the dotted line.

We've put together information to help you navigate the steps you will need to take on your journey to buying a property in Italy, find out more below.

How to buy a property in Italy

To help you on the way to buying your dream property in Italy, we've compiled the information you need to get closer to making the dream of owning an Italian property a reality.

Purchase process

Learn more about the steps you'll take on your way to purchasing a home in Italy.

Find out everything you need to know about the buying process.

Finding a lawyer in Italy

Before you find a property you would like to buy, you'll need to find a lawyer who can act on your behalf throughout the purchase process. 

Learn more about finding a lawyer in Italy. 

Working with an estate agent in Italy

Connecting with an Italian estate agent will allow you to discover the best properties in your desired location whilst staying within your budget.

Learn more about working with an estate agent.

Purchase costs

When buying a home in Italy you'll need to account for administrative, registration and legal costs.

Learn more about these costs here.

Opening a bank account in Italy

You will need an Italian bank account to purchase your property in Italy.

Find out more about the process of opening a bank account in Italy here.

Costs of ownership

Before you make an offer on a property in Italy, you need to carefully research how much it will cost you to run and maintain it. 

Here's where you can learn about the different costs you'll have to consider.

Getting a mortgage

Learn more about the application procedure, as well as the financial criteria you'll need to meet to buy a property with a mortgage. 

Read more about Italian mortgages.

Building surveys

Do I need to get a building survey done on a property in Italy? 

Find out more about building surveys here.