Cost of living crisis: how does Portugal compare?

Portugal has long been sought after for its affordable cost of living, but how does it compare to the UK? We took a look...

6 July 2022

The Silver lining of an unplanned trip to A Place in the Sun Live

Zoe and her family bought a holiday home on Portugal's Silver Coast after visiting A Place in the Sun Live in London. Here's how it happened...

27 June 2022

Britons in Portugal: where do they all live now?

Algarve has long been thought of as the most popular region for Britons in Portugal, but as prices have risen across the Algarve, and interest has risen in other parts of Portugal, the distribution of foreign residents is much more diverse.

25 March 2022

Watch | Ask the Experts about Healthcare in Portugal

Watch our interview with the experts from the British Embassy and Department of Health & Social Care as they answered key questions about accessing healthcare in France now the UK has left the EU.

19 August 2021

Take-off time for property trips to Portugal?

10 May 2021

Moving to Portugal Post-Brexit | Healthcare

18 March 2021

Moving to Portugal Post-Brexit | D7 Visa

17 March 2021

Case Study | Retirees looking to move to Portugal

16 March 2021

Moving to Portugal Post-Brexit | Key Points

13 March 2021

Moving to Portugal Post-Brexit | Golden Visa

19 February 2021
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