Power of attorney in Portugal

Power of attorney in Portugal Obtaining a power of attorney will allow someone to act on your behalf for legal issues in Portugal.

This can be especially useful if you're not living in Portugal throughout the property buying process.

How does power of attorney work in Portugal?

In Portugal, just as in the UK, you can authorise someone to act on your behalf when dealing with legal matters in Portugal. A power of attorney is a document that's signed in the presence of a notary and enables someone the power to act on your behalf (normally your lawyer) . A power of attorney can be general or they could be limited to one specific function like signing property deeds.

Why do you need a power of attorney in Portugal?

Many people choose to get a power of attorney when they buy a house in Portugal as it can be helpful for limiting the number of times you have to fly backwards and forwards to sign documents throughout the purchase process. 

Having a lawyer as your power of attorney means that you're unlikely to miss important deadlines because of travel, health or other issues and commitments.

Speak with an independent, qualified Portuguese lawyer to set up a power of attorney for your property purchase.

Can a UK power of attorney be used in Portugal?

As each country has its own laws and requirements regarding power of attorney, one that is granted in the UK cannot be automatically used in Portugal. If you have a UK power of attorney and you want it to be valid in Portugal, you will need to follow the appropriate procedures to have it recognized and accepted under Portuguese law – an apostille and stamp from sworn translator to confirm it is a valid translation.

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