Choose where you want to buy


Fantastic, you’re considering buying your very own place in the sun.

You may know where you want to buy, the lovely town you’ve had family holidays for years, and will know the journey time and flight availability. If it’s a new destination you should visit the area as much as you can including the low season to get a feel for the place year-round.

If you’re thinking of renting out your property for a number of weeks per year, consider your potential guests and how attractive your location or property is over and above the competition.

Do you want a garden to maintain or a lock-up-and-leave-property? What about restaurants within walking distance, is that important or do you prefer somewhere quieter?

The amount you have to spend – your budget – plus these sorts of considerations will help you firm up where you would like to buy. It needs to be somewhere you can afford for starters. It’s a big world out there so narrowing down your search is sensible to avoid trying to visit too many destinations.

What to do now

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If you're not sure where you would like to buy a property then have a read through our area guides, where we explore what makes each country different and where is best to buy.