The Complete Guide to Buying Property in Greece 2023

Updated for 2023!

Our practical, detailed and independently researched guide will help you buy your own property in Greece. Learn more about:

  • Where to buy a property in Greece
  • An up to date overview of the Greek property market
  • Where to find the cheapest properties
  • How the process of buying a villa or apartment works in Greece
  • How to find a lawyer in Greece
  • Getting a mortgage
  • Visas, tax and healthcare
  • And much more...

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Greece is a country steeped in culture, with its stunning rugged landscape and laidback lifestyle, it’s little wonder why property a Greece is preferred with British holidaymakers and second homeowners, over other countries.

That’s why we’ve put together and frequently update our essential Greek property buying guide, which provides key information and answers all your questions prior to purchasing.

Our guide also features insights from presenters of the A Place in the Sun TV show and case studies from buyers who have already bought their dream properties in Greece!

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