Property for Sale in Australia

A Quick Look at Property in Australia

Australia is a lot of things that the UK isn’t – big, sunny, and relatively empty – but quite like the UK in lots of ways too, with a similar culture, heritage and language. So the British tend to fit in. Don’t believe that “whingeing poms” thing, most people who go there, stay there.

The Australians have reinvented cities. In measures of the world’s best cities to live in, Melbourne usually wins, with Adelaide, Sydney and Perth in the top ten. This is based on transport, culture, social engagement, health and education.

Strangely, given how much space there is and how everyone lives outside most of the time, property in Australia is quite expensive. The average property price in Queensland is $450,000 for a house and $370,000 for an apartment.

The most “British” of its cities is Perth, where more than one four people you meet will have been born in Britain, but every city and town should make you feel welcome.

Australia’s countryside is fine too. Our idea of Australia’s countryside has perhaps been coloured by images of the outback, when in fact most of the rural areas are rolling hills and vineyards, like in the movie Babe, filmed in New South Wales.

Before you get too excited about moving there, however, are you even allowed to? Your basic requirements for permanent residency are to be 49 years old or less, healthy, and never imprisoned for more than a year. Then you’ll need to have an occupation that Australia wants and enough cash for the visa application. If you don’t want to live there you could perhaps buy a holiday home or investment property, but there are restrictions there too – you will generally need to buy a brand new property.

Economically, Australia is a new land of opportunity. It has been for 150 years, but with the rise of the Asian economies and markets it not only has the climate and space for a wonderful lifestyle, but plenty of money too. While the most of the world suffered a long and deep recession following the global financial crisis, in Australia the cash kept rolling in as they sold their commodities to China.

That’s wobbled a bit in the last couple of years, but Australia is still a country where you can be paid well doing a tough job, like mining, ranching or construction. It has the world’s 12th biggest economy – not bad for a place with just 23 million people.

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