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How much does it cost to buy a second home in France?

France is our nearest neighbour and second favourite place to buy a holiday home - find out how much it costs to buy a property across the channel

5 October 2022

Escape to the sun this winter (and save on your energy bills!)

Energy bills are rising across Europe and many of us are dreading the sort of money we might have to pay this winter. But such rises are not equal - find out about where you could move to save money

23 September 2022

Where is the cheapest property in Cyprus?

Find out where you can buy a bargain property in Cyprus! And read our top tips for finding a cheap apartment or villa...

15 September 2022

How to choose a holiday home abroad

What are the key considerations when choosing a holiday home abroad? You might fall head over heels in love with a cute home you spot on the internet – or spot in an estate agent’s window when passing on holiday – but don’t lose sight of some important practical and financial things. Here we provide a few pointers to find a holiday home abroad.

31 August 2022

What is the cheapest Spanish island to buy property?

13 May 2022

What would £360k buy you abroad?

26 April 2022

What can you buy for £150,000 around the world?

31 March 2022

Spanish property hotspots of 2022

15 March 2022

Most in demand properties in December

16 December 2021

Most viewed overseas properties on the market this week

26 November 2021
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