Building Surveys in Spain

Building Surveys in Spain As is standard in the UK, it is recommended that you obtain a survey when buying your Spanish home.

Having a survey will reduce the chance of discovering any defects or nasty surprises about the property’s condition after you’ve bought and will help you assure the safety and suitability of the property.

If through the survey there are any structural problems, this will help you to negotiate the price or insist certain works be carried out before the house is purchased.

What types of building surveys are available in Spain?

  • RICS Condition Report - this is designed for newer properties, and will provide an overall report on the condition of the study, and highlight anything that might need urgent attention, as well 
  • RICS Building Survey - this survey is the same as a condition report, and will also tell you an estimate of costs for any repairs that are identified, as well as advice on any issues that may affect the value of the property and require repairs or ongoing maintenance in the future
  • Structural Report - a structural report is the most comprehensive option, but is usually only necessary if the building is over 50 years old, suspected to be unsound or if you're planning to do major works to it

How does a survey work?

When you have a survey, an expert will visit the property, check its condition, parking lot, storages and surroundings. The report will tell you about the problems that may be hazardous and show potential issues and defects. And will define things that will need further investigation to prevent serious damages to the fabric of the building.

A Building Survey report will also provide you a budget for any necessary repairs that will need to take place.

Do the surveys include a valuation of the property? 

No, condition reports, building surveys and structural reports are technical and don't include a market valuation.

How long does it take to receive a report? 

It varies depending on who delivers the report but as an average it could be said that between three and five working days since the visit of the property.

How much do building surveys cost?

The costs vary, but on average you can expect to pay around €450. Several companies offer surveys in English language according to RICS standards from €350 onwards. In any case depending on the specific needs of the client the property survey cost could be higher.

You can find out more about the different types of building surveys, and which might be right for you, in our Buying Guide to Spain.