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Case Study | We found paradise in Barbados

Using fractional ownership, this British couple own a share of a Barbados villa

4 February 2020

A Spotlight on Saint Kitts Property

Liz Rowlinson reports from one of the eastern Caribbean’s most unspoilt islands, Saint Kitts.

27 June 2018

Barbados Vs Antigua: Where to Choose?

Barbos or Antigua? Now that is a hard question! Our Caribbean expert Cathy Hawker compares two of our favourite islands...

12 December 2017

Case Study | 10 Years of Island Living in the Caribbean

10 years on from moving into their property in St Maarten, Edward and Judith tells us all about their experiences whilst island living in the Caribbean.

31 August 2017

Where to Buy Property in St.Lucia

18 May 2017

Deciding Where to Buy in the Caribbean

9 March 2017

Best Places to Buy in 2017 - the Caribbean

13 January 2017

Fifty Years of Barbados

22 November 2016

A Fresh Look at the Caribbean

21 June 2016

Luxury Homes for Less in Barbados

11 December 2015
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