February 2017

A Guide to Retiring to France

France is the most popular place for Brits to retire after Spain and it’s a figure that is increasing every year as more retirees are lured over to France by its food, weather, reasonable living costs, healthcare provision and proximity to the UK.

28 February 2017

Homes Under £150,000 | Weekly Selection

A low-priced property doesn't have to be low-grade, and the proof is in the pudding with this week's property selection as we’ve put together 16 gorgeous homes for under £150,000.

27 February 2017

Retiring to Portugal | Case Study

Retirees Tony and Pat Wadsworth bought a home near Lisbon, Portugal in 2002. They discuss the pros and cons of splitting their time between Essex and Lisbon.

23 February 2017

50 Years of Golf on the Algarve

It’s the golden anniversary of golf coming to the Algarve and the region’s lush fairways are the busiest they’ve ever been. And with the property market on the up and attractive mortgages, we look at the best buying spots for an Algarve golf pad. 

23 February 2017

All Year Round Homes in Austria

21 February 2017

Coast & Country Views | Property Selection

20 February 2017

Best Places to Buy in 2017 - Italy

17 February 2017

Brexit Barometer for Brits in France

16 February 2017

Brexit Barometer for Brits in France

16 February 2017
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