Handpicked homes for the holiday season

Handpicked homes for the holiday season

It's that time of year when many of us start clearing out the jumbled guest room, dusting off the fold out beds and trying to remember if the air mattress had a puncture. Now fast forward 12 months, and imagine yourself preparing for the Christmas family get together in one of these sizeable homes.

You could be tucking into your turkey overlooking the pool in this fab four-bed in Mallorca. Or enjoying a few well-deserved silent nights lounging around in Lucca, Italy.

And the beautiful stone farmhouse in France's Dordogne has an independent apartment, just in case you fall out over Trivial Pursuit (again). Plus, a cool condo in scorching Phuket, Thailand; beautiful views in Greece and Montenegro; and a luxury villa, complete with pool and hot tub, in a traditional town in Turkey. (Aren't you impressed with our restraint on the seasonal puns with that last one?!)



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