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October 2012

Laura Hamilton visits the Charente-Maritime

A Place in the Sun's TV presenter Laura Hamilton says it's a great time to snap up a traditional home in south-west France.

31 October 2012

“Spooky” Paris apartments with prime graveside location

You would think views of a 200-year-old graveyard would be an obstacle when selling a property, yet in the spirit of Halloween we suggest one place where it is not: a new development overlooking the famous Montmartre Cemetery in Paris' exclusive 18th Arrondissement is proving to be extremely popular with investors.

31 October 2012

Spanish rental yields rising

Figures released by the Bank of Spain have revealed that the average gross rental yield in Spain is on the rise, up to 4.08 per cent from a low of 3.29 per cent in June 2008.

31 October 2012

French mortgage market ‘picking up’

The French mortgage market is 'picking up; according to industry experts, with many banks adjusting their rates downwards and changing product lines to incentivize potential investors.

30 October 2012

World’s thinnest house unveiled

29 October 2012

New build houses in USA selling at two-year high

29 October 2012

Spain property sales rising

29 October 2012

North East Brazil property market booming

26 October 2012

Does size matter? Property experts call for more ‘shoebox’ homes

25 October 2012
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