World’s thinnest house unveiled

World’s thinnest house unveiled

The world's thinnest house, which measures four feet at its widest point and 28.3 inches at its narrowest, opened its doors this weekend, although it's unlikely that there will be enough space for a housewarming party.

The labour of love, which has been over a year in construction, was built by architecture/design firm Centrala in a crack between two buildings - a pre-World War II house and a modern apartment block - in the centre of Warsaw in Poland.

Originally designed as an art installation, it will now be a live/work space for Israeli writer Etgar Keret who, as long as he doesn't get too claustrophobic, will have everything a tenant could need.

"It contains all necessary amenities such as a micro-kitchen, mini-bathroom, sleeping cubicle and tiny work area, all accessible via ladders," said architect Jakub Szczesny. "Research shows we are approaching a social disaster because too little living space is built. You don't need that much space to live in, so it is worth considering building smaller scaled, cheaper housing." he added

At its narrowest point the house will be only 10.5 inches wider than a standard economy seat on an Airbus A320 plane.

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