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Demand for Turkish property to rise in 2013

Local agents believe that the demand for property in Turkey will continue to boom in 2013, with GYODER (the country's association of real estate investment companies) estimating that overseas investment in the Turkish property market will rise from the current $2.5 billion a year to around $10 billion per annum over the next few years.

31 December 2012

“Old favourites” dominate our top places to buy abroad 2013

2012 was a year of mixed fortunes in the overseas property market, with a general air of uncertainty its most prevalent trend...

28 December 2012

Spanish tax: declare or be punished...

Antonio E Arenas Lopez of Fernando Scornik Gerstein LCP explains the basics of the new Spanish tax regulation for foreign residents

26 December 2012

‘Gangnam Style’ rapper PSY invests in exclusive LA apartment

The South Korean rapper PSY, the man behind the most watched YouTube video of all time - Gangnam Style - has splashed out some of his earnings on a condo in an exclusive LA complex.

21 December 2012

107 percent mortgage deal for apartments near Murcia theme park

21 December 2012

Greek house prices down 11.7 percent in the third quarter

20 December 2012

Repossessed properties selling at even bigger discounts

20 December 2012

US homes 'selling in days' in some areas

18 December 2012

Overseas property investment in Cyprus increasing

18 December 2012
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