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Bangkok property market booming

The rising price of property in Bangkok is pushing investors towards the suburbs, according to reports from property insiders.

13 September 2011

Meet the...gastropub owner in Thailand

Lorraine and Bill Eve Ye Old Buffalo Tavern, a British style gastropub, in the beach reosrt of Hua Hin in southern Thailand. Here they illustrate why it's an idyllic life with a few minor frustrations...

31 August 2011

Far Eastern Promise

They may seem far away, but Thailand and the other countries of the South China Sea are easy to reach and offer a culturally diverse and exciting option for a second home where you could while away the UK's cold winter months.

31 July 2011

Thailand emerges as best place to emigrate

Thailand is fast emerging as one of the most preferred destinations for Westerners looking for a new life abroad according to HSBC's 2010 Expat Explore Survey.

14 April 2011

Thailand properties in demand

Demand for homes in Thailand, particularly new build residential properties, remained strong in the first quarter of this year.

23 March 2011

Phuket sea front villas prove popular in Thailand

The island of Phuket, arguably the most well-liked destination for most Brits holidaying in Thailand, is also among the most popular places to buy property in Thailand, according to research conducted by CB Richard Ellis.

9 February 2011

More new homes in Bangkok

The number of the new homes registered in Greater Bangkok, one of the most popular long distant destinations for British tourists and those seeking to buy a home overseas, increased...

11 January 2011

Greater demand for luxury homes in Thailand

Demand for luxury homes in Thailand, arguably the most popular holiday hotspot in Asia, is on the rise, according to CB Richard Ellis.

13 October 2010

The Thai-breaker

Former British tennis champ and founder of a well-known chain of fitness clubs, David Lloyd has always had an eye for a good deal. Here he tells us about his collection of homes abroad and his new overseas property projects.

20 April 2010

Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin on Thailand's exotic charm

Jonnie and Jasmine on Thailand's exotic charm (with home comforts), and bargain-priced properties

1 August 2009