Laura Hamilton Saves Local Treasure

Laura Hamilton Saves Local Treasure

A Place in the Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton, has recently saved a much-loved local treasure which was facing an uncertain future.

‘The Lord Roberts’ which isn’t far from where Laura and her family live in Purley, has been run as a post office and convenience store by Mike and Jill Marsh for the last two decades. But in August 2016 they decided to retire abroad (with Laura’s help) which left the shop and business’ future hanging in the balance.

Saddened at the possibility of the store’s closure, Laura and her husband, Alex Goward, decided to save it and completed the purchase late last year.

Their plans include renovating the shop, and turning it into a delicatessen and post office as well as a few ideas for a new garden design. By spring 2017 this much-loved building will again become an important part of life in Purley, just under a new name: ‘The Lord Roberts on the Green’.

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