November 2016

Exploring Ibiza's New Housing Projects

The island of Ibiza has always been popular with tourists but over the last few years its reputation as a destination for upmarket overseas buyers has been firmly established. Here we look at some of the new building projects and schemes going on around the island.

29 November 2016

How to Get a Spanish Property Deposit Back

Let’s talk about collapsed Spanish property purchases, lost deposits and why all might not be lost after all...

24 November 2016

Fifty Years of Barbados

We explore Barbados, Britain's best loved Caribbean property hotspot to find some winter sun.

22 November 2016

Western Algarve vs Eastern Algarve

The Algarve is one of the most popular areas for UK property hunters in Portugal - here we compare the east and west of the region.

18 November 2016

Costa Blanca vs the Canaries - Property Hunt

17 November 2016

6 Steps to Renting out Your Holiday Home

15 November 2016

Welcome to the Silver Coast

13 November 2016

Quick Look at Olu Deniz, Turkey

10 November 2016

Quick Look at Olu Deniz, Turkey

10 November 2016
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