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July 2014

Market Snapshot: Portugal

Liz Rowlinson takes a look at the latest property buying statistics for Portugal.

30 July 2014

‘If only’... a seven-bedroom Barbadian villa for $5.95million

We showcase another 'if only' fantasy overseas property to buy with our imaginary millions...

24 July 2014

Sara Damergi: where I would buy property abroad

Our A Place in the Sun presenter Sara Damergi on why property is in her blood and the highlights of filming around the world.

23 July 2014

‘If only’... a luxury €3million villa in Cyprus

Another fantasy mega millions property to dream about...

16 July 2014

Mortgages continued... France

15 July 2014

Star Pads! “Dragon” Duncan finds his den – Bannatyne reportedly spends €3m on Algarve villa

14 July 2014

Sardinia: your Place in the Sun?

9 July 2014

Secrets of our success in Side

8 July 2014

Currency matters: the importance of thinking about exchange rates when buying property overseas

7 July 2014
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