Sardinia: your Place in the Sun?

Sardinia: your Place in the Sun?

If we asked sun-seeking Brits where the best destinations to escape the cold weather were, chances are - despite year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, Sardinia wouldn't be one of their first choices. And this is probably because the British don't know Sardinia very well, or usually associate it with the exclusive and expensive Emerald Coast. However, there is much more to Sardinia than this!

With pristine crystalline waters and unspoilt nature, Sardinia maintains its virginal charm thanks to an administrative order to preserve the beauty of its landscapes from indiscriminate construction and to keep its high quality of life. At the same time though, the island is easily accessible through its main airports of Olbia and Cagliari.

It is a fact that in the famous north-eastern coast, prices are quite high - not to say prohibitive for many people since the Aga Khan landed on the island back in the 1960s and made it the most sought-after retreat for starlets and celebrities, such as Ringo Starr and even Princess Margaret. In the most desirable places such as Porto Cervo, housing prices start at around £4,700 per square metre, which means a beach house could cost up to about £8million.

However, Sardinia does have something for every budget with far more affordable properties to be found inland, some kilometers from the coastline. Indeed prices gradually decrease as you get further away from the littoral zone and hotspots like the Emerald Coast. And if you're willing to muck in on a restoration project, you'd be able to find something very affordable.

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The South of island is a good choice when looking for affordable property - costing about 50% less than in the more popular north eastern Sardinia. The region has preserved its natural beauty and cultural traditions whilst still benefiting from a laid-back way of life, unlike the busier mass tourism seen in the north. And the south still enjoys the same crystal clear sea and wonderful sceneries and there has been an increased tourist flow in recent years, so buying a property here could be a good investment if rented out.

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