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Janine Marsh

A closer look at properties in the Charente, France

The Charente has become one of our most popular French regions in recent years - but why?

23 May 2019

Which Type of French Property Suits You?

Do you know your longere from your fermette? Here Janine Marsh identifies the most popular types of French property.

4 April 2019

Case Study | Our €1 Million Cheateau in France

Janine Marsh met the brave young couple who took on a €1 million ‘project’ in Mayenne, northern France – something many of us can only dream about.

16 November 2018

Northern France - the new commuter belt for Britons?

Janine Marsh meets the British families that live in France yet work in London (and love having a foot in both countries)...

3 July 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Renovating in France

17 September 2015