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Case study - ‘’I swapped my UK rental property for one in Spain”

Jenny Barling sold her UK rental property and bought a holiday let in Spain instead! She told us all about the purchase process, and why she decided to make the switch...

4 July 2022

The Silver lining of an unplanned trip to A Place in the Sun Live

Zoe and her family bought a holiday home on Portugal's Silver Coast after visiting A Place in the Sun Live in London. Here's how it happened...

27 June 2022

Cost of living crisis: how does Italy compare?

The cost of living in the UK is rising fast - would it be cheaper for you to move abroad? Our Editor compares the cost of energy, food and more in Italy...

20 June 2022

“It’s 14 minutes from my new Spanish home to Murcia airport”

Ask most people why they bought a holiday home where they did and they’ll generally say “well we enjoyed going on holiday there for so many years…” – but we find out why golf lover, Paul Hunter, bought on La Torre golf resort.

30 May 2022

“Finding our perfect holiday home in Murcia started at A Place in the Sun exhibition”

22 March 2022

Case Study - “My Florida villa rentals have worked so well I want to buy another home”

17 March 2022

Case Study | “Retiring to Spain during the pandemic was tough but so worthwhile”

9 March 2022

“Sun, sailing and Anglo-friendly traditions - why Gozo is the perfect place for retirement.”

1 March 2022

“People thought I was mad retiring to Spain at 81 years old”

22 February 2022

“Our Florida rental investment has been worth the wait – bookings are great!”

11 February 2022
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