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British expats in Spain must register for healthcare

Find out how and when you need to register for Spanish healthcare before the Brexit deadline.

26 November 2020

Spain | how to apply for the new residency card

A Place in the Sun Editor, Liz Rowlinson explores the process of applying for the new TIE residency card in Spain

28 July 2020

Why some go mad for the Mar Menor

Spanish based journalist Richard Torné looks at Murcia's 'Little Sea' 

24 July 2020

Riding on a Wave - How white-sand beaches and year-round sun attract buyers to Fuerteventura

The wind has done a lot for Fuerteventura. Icy wintry gusts in Britain and its European neighbours helped last year to drive many of the 2.3 million tourists towards the second largest of the seven main Canary Islands. Temperatures breezed into the seventies in January and February, while the ever-present winds on many of its 152 beaches attract a growing crowd of surfers, windsurfers, kite-surfers and water-skiers.

22 July 2020

Malaga | A Beach City Reborn

25 June 2020

Discover Florida's hidden gems

28 November 2019

Why BBC reporter Christopher Morris chose Almería

27 November 2019

Retiring to France before Brexit? Consider these factors

26 July 2019

Case Study | Swapping City Life for Rural France

16 April 2019

Case Study | From Durham to the Silver Coast

11 April 2019
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