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Living Overseas

Case Study | Swapping City Life for Rural France

Mark and Gill Wakely from Cardiff met each other on a trip to France 38 years ago. Now in their fifties, they have fulfilled their dream of moving there, with a little help from A Place in the Sun.

16 April 2019

Case Study | From Durham to the Silver Coast

Glimpsed from a plane window, the beaches of the Silver Coast persuaded one couple from Durham to buy a custom-built home there.

11 April 2019

Becoming a Local Resident in Portugal - Some Practicalities

Moving to Portugal can prove to be a difficult process if you are not familiar with all the requirements needed to become a legal resident there. Célia Vences of Algarve Assistants explains the steps needed.

1 March 2019

Understanding Healthcare in Italy for UK Retirees

If you're a UK national looking to retire in Italy, then here's what you need to know about their healthcare system.

21 February 2019

Case Study | Our €1 Million Cheateau in France

16 November 2018

Retiring to Italy from the UK - What to Know

13 November 2018

The Latest Stats on the Florida Property Market

6 November 2018

A Tour of Linda Barker's Property in Cyprus

1 November 2018

Case Study | Living on the Costa del Sol

12 October 2018

Overseas Property & the Countdown to Brexit

4 October 2018
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