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Discover Florida's hidden gems

Forget Disney, try these hidden gems off the beaten track in Florida...

28 November 2019

Why BBC reporter Christopher Morris chose Almería

Find out how the award-winning former BBC correspondent Christopher Morris was led to a life in Spain by a Cold War military disaster.

27 November 2019

Retiring to France before Brexit? Consider these factors

Jason Porter of Blevins Franks analyses the status of Brits moving to France, depending on when they do it.

26 July 2019

Case Study | Swapping City Life for Rural France

Mark and Gill Wakely from Cardiff met each other on a trip to France 38 years ago. Now in their fifties, they have fulfilled their dream of moving there, with a little help from A Place in the Sun.

16 April 2019

Case Study | From Durham to the Silver Coast

11 April 2019

Becoming a Local Resident in Portugal - Some Practicalities

1 March 2019

Understanding Healthcare in Italy for UK Retirees

21 February 2019

Case Study | Our €1 Million Cheateau in France

16 November 2018

Retiring to Italy from the UK - What to Know

13 November 2018

The Latest Stats on the Florida Property Market

6 November 2018
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