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16 September 2021

Do you get free healthcare if you live and work in Spain?

True or False? When living and working in Spain - assuming you have the correct work visa - you are entitled to free healthcare. We asked experts from the British Embassy for the low down...

24 August 2021

Can you get healthcare in Spain by paying in to the Spanish system?

We asked Sarah Owen from the British Embassy in Madrid some questions about accessing healthcare in Spain. Watch this short video to find out more.

15 August 2021

Do you need private healthcare if you move to Spain before pensionable age?

We spoke to the British Embassy in Madrid to find out what the introduction of new rules after Brexit mean for UK residents moving to Spain and why you will need private healthcare for the first year before applying to join the public health system.

10 August 2021

After a UK resident moves to Spain, do they still have the right to access the NHS when they return to visit the UK?

7 August 2021

How to get free healthcare when you retire to Spain

31 July 2021

Can you use an EHIC card to access healthcare in Spain?

28 July 2021

Moving to France Post-Brexit

25 March 2021

British expats in Spain must register for healthcare

26 November 2020

Spain | how to apply for the new residency card

28 July 2020
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