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A Guide to Retiring to Portugal

Portugal is one of Britons’ favourite retirement destinations - and for many good reasons. But making a successful retirement move requires some careful forward planning. Here we provide a few pointers on the practicalities, including healthcare, pensions, wills and taxation.

14 February 2017

Finding an Income for Expats

Expats frequently worry about money. But the good news is that there’s never been a better time to generate income on your terms – just make sure it’s you running the business and not the other way round.

11 August 2016

The Enduring Appeal of Australia

Australia is still the top choice for Brits moving abroad, so how might you move - or invest - there? Read our guide to find out more.

6 April 2016

Should You Retire to the Algarve?

We find out why the Algarve is so popular with British retirees - from its affordable homes, warm weather and great tax benefits.

22 March 2016

Think Long Term and Know Before You Go | Q&A

21 March 2016

Spanish Healthcare Explained

17 March 2016

Emigrate to Canada, Australia and NZ!

9 February 2016

Ask the expert: Overseas wills - beware new regulations

13 July 2015

10 top tips for a stress-free move abroad

21 May 2015

Tips for a smoother move abroad

23 October 2014
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