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Brexit Delay - What does this mean for the pound?

European Union leaders have granted the UK a six-month extension to Brexit, but what does this mean for the pound? Head of A Place in the Sun Currency Simon Eastman explores the implications. 

12 April 2019

Currency News | The Pound Hits 21 Month High

Sterling hits its best rate since May 2017 against the Euro.

26 February 2019

The Pound Rallies Ahead of Second Brexit Deal Vote

Simon Eastman from A Place in the Sun Currency shares his thoughts ahead of the second Brexit deal vote by MP's.

29 January 2019

Brits Given Brexit Boost After May's Loss

Simon Eastman, Head Currency Broker at A Place in the Sun Currency, reveals why British buyers should remain optimistic about their currency exchange ahead of tonight's no-confidence vote.

16 January 2019

Timing is Everything With Your Currency Exchange

27 July 2017

How to Save Costs on Your Overseas Currency Transfer

30 June 2017

Types of FX Contracts to Consider Post-Brexit

2 February 2017