Moving to Australia - Simple Steps

Moving to Australia is a tempting prospect for many Britons but how easy is it to do? Learn more about the legal, tax and healthcare implications of emigrating.

3 January 2018

Why We Relocated to Tasmania | Case Study

John, 64, and Margaret Schofield, 65, swapped their three-bed home in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, for a self-build bungalow in Sorell, Tasmania in Australia. Here they tell us how they made the transition.

30 June 2016

The Enduring Appeal of Australia

Australia is still the top choice for Brits moving abroad, so how might you move - or invest - there? Read our guide to find out more.

6 April 2016

Taking the long-haul leap to a new life... Australia

Cathy Hawker reports on the options in Commonwealth favourites. First up, Australia

27 August 2014

Australia and New Zealand need skilled migrant workers

6 March 2014

Is now the time to buy a new (bigger) home in Australia?

12 February 2014

Jobs in Queensland to draw UK migrants

26 December 2013

Australia: great place to live but at what cost?

15 October 2013

Global survey puts Oz tops for expats

8 August 2013

We followed our children out to Australia - and love it.

24 July 2013
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