Does Your Star Sign Dictate Your Choice of Holiday Home?

Does Your Star Sign Dictate Your Choice of Holiday Home?

Astrologer Russell Grant suggests it does and provides the ideal homes for the 12 signs of the zodiac. Is he right or wrong about you?

Aries is an energetic and restless sign. These active people need plenty of space to prowl around in and could never be happy if hemmed in. A spacious home that combines state-of-the-art accommodation and extensive facilities will stop Aries people from getting bored too quickly. Arians favour modern, trend-setting homes close to where the action is. Their place must be unique, so a new development where they can choose how they want the space distributed and where they are allowed to have an input on style and how the interior is decorated would be ideal.

Ideal locations: Malta and Barcelona

Famous Aries owners: Emma Watson and Claire Danes

Taurus is an Earth sign with traditional and conservative tastes. Their home provides them with a safe and secure haven which is why simplicity and comfort are key. Taureans love their food so the kitchen, the heart of their home, is an important consideration. Charming, rustic properties that are steeped in character in a quiet location would meet their requirements. These hardworking people aren’t scared off by properties that require more than just a cosmetic upgrade. The right place for Taureans will offer them a quieter pace of life in a peaceful, secluded area.

Idea locations: Brittany and Prague

Famous Taureans: Laura Hamilton and THE QUEEN!

Gemini people aren’t likely to make a great fuss about the type of property they’re looking for, but the location is important. If it is in the right place, the property can be adapted to suit Gemini’s tastes. Places known for their cultural diversions with museums, art galleries and theatres would satisfy all Gemini’s needs and curiosity. For Gemini, variety is the spice of life, so a quiet location would hold no attraction. Although they aren’t likely to spend all their time there, they will need to feel they can relax in their home and friends and relatives will always be welcome.

Ideal locations: Lisbon and Verona

Famous Geminis: Liz Hurley. Donald Trump and Kanye West

Leos love to have fun, love the sun and love to bask in the spotlight. Locations with all the benefits of eateries, shops and a lively nightlife will appeal to their theatrical side. Their ideal home will be spacious and new or renovated to a high level with a large entertainment area. Adding decorative touches will be a great use of their creative talents. Whether they’re looking for a fabulous holiday bolt-hole or a year-round dwelling, it should be classified as a luxury home. An ostentatious villa would be the perfect property to reflect Leo’s flamboyant tastes.

Ideal locations: Ibiza and Marbella

Famous Leos: Madonna, Meghan Markle and Barack Obama

Investing in property will often pay off handsomely for Cancerians. They can be lucky speculators and it gives them a lot of pleasure to entertain guests in the comfort of their home. It makes sense to the Cancerian to explore every possibility when making a purchasing decision and a house that will lend itself to a business, such as a bed and breakfast or retreat, would get their immediate interest. Their home should be calming and comfortable in a relaxing location that will allow for a more spiritually satisfying lifestyle.

Ideal locations: Sicily and the Algarve

Famous Cancerians: Sir Richard Branson, Lionel Messi and Elon Musk

A quiet, private neighbourhood will suit Virgo’s preference for keeping out of the limelight. Virgos value their privacy and will need a property that off ers flexibility for providing a separate area for visiting friends. Virgo is a sucker for the finer details and this can make it hard for them to find a place that meets their exacting standards. If they want a certain number of bedrooms, a laundry room and a workshop, nothing less than this will do. Their home needs to be functional with a practical layout and a beautifully manicured garden. Tending their garden helps to keep Virgo folk calm and centred.

Ideal locations: Burgundy and Ferragudo in Portugal

Famous Virgos: Hugh Grant, Prince Harry and Tom Hardy

The Venus-ruled Libran is likely to have firm ideas when searching for their ideal property. Their place must be a perfect portrayal of beauty and balance, harmony and peace. Librans are well known for their artistic taste and they will be looking for a property that is pleasing to the eye. A village home where they have the benefit of shops, restaurants and local amenities with the countryside on their doorstep will appeal. Librans love to socialise and a generous-sized dining area to entertain guests, family and friends will be a part of their criteria. 

Ideal locations: Chantilly and Costa Blanca

Famous Librans: Anthony Joshua, Simon Cowell and Theresa May

Scorpios live intensely and their privacy really matters which is why they will prefer properties in isolated areas. Their ideal home would be a country retreat with hidden rooms and secret passageways in an area exuding mystery and romance. Ancient dwellings full of history will appeal. Scorpio’s home is their safe zone, their sacred place where they can let their guard down and be themselves. It has to feel perfect before they commit to buying. If it isn’t in the back of beyond, Scorpio won’t be interested.

Ideal locations: Almeria, Provence and the Loire Valley

Famous Scorpios: Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin (he's rather a fan of Almeria of late as it happens...)

An old house nestled in glorious countryside well away from the hustle and bustle of life would make a perfect project for Capricorn. Capricorns will be looking to purchase property for investment and it will cross their mind to go for a place that is ripe for renovation. They love a bargain and a perfect interior doesn’t matter as much as finding the ideal location as they are likely to gut the place and rebuild. A peaceful spot in a rural village overlooking the countryside would be fabulous.

Ideal locations: Mallorca and Alentejo

Famous Capricorns: Tiger Woods, the Duchess of Cambridge and Jim Carrey

Sagittarius is an active sign; Sagittarians enjoy their freedom and are often on the road. Their home needs to have a lived-in feel with enough space to enjoy outdoor activities or to include a gym. They aren’t looking for sleek, stylish elegance or anything too showy. Property that is reasonably spacious with a den or work area they can call their own will suit them down to the ground. A location well away from neighbours that allow freedom-loving Sagittarians a more active, outdoorsy way of living will be an important criterion.

Ideal locations: Alicante and Tuscany

Famous Sagittarians: Ryan Giggs, Winston Churchill and Emmanuel Macron

Aquarians love innovation and technology. They will be looking for a property that is bright, modern and spacious with large windows and an open design. Location matters a lot for Aquarius. A home in a modern city with lots to entertain and divert Aquarians would be perfect. Ideally, their home shouldn’t be overlooked as they value their privacy but it should be close to all public transport services. Whatever property or area they choose, they will be quick to settle in and equally as quick to leave, should something new catch their eye.

Ideal locations: Gibraltar and Marbella

Famous Aquarians: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Aniston

Pisceans will be looking for the ultimate coastal hideaway. Appearance is everything to the Piscean and they won’t buy property unless they have fallen in love with it. They will prefer a picturesque place with beautiful sea views within walking distance of the beach. A waterfront property in a secluded venue is sure to please. Size will not be as important as location. Whether large or small, a canal houseboat, mobile home or a sea-view apartment, what’s most important for the Piscean is that they find a place in which they can relax and which they can grow to love.

Ideal locations: Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Sardinia

Famous Pisceans: Rihanna

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