Property for Sale in Brittany

A Quick Look at Property for Sale in Brittany

Property in Brittany has always been popular with British buyers due to its affordability and accessibility. You can sail with your car to the Brittany ports of St Malo and Roscoff from several English (and Irish) ports, or fly into Rennes, Brest or Nantes airports. Door to door in half a day is easily feasible by plane, within a day by ferry.

In Brittany, they have worked out how to create the most classy and liveable of seaside communities. The kind of places where you can enjoy practicing your French while ordering mouthwatering seafood in a restaurant overlooking a harbour full of the very fishing boats that caught your dinner just a few hours before.

Brittany is the far north-west corner of France, roughly the same size and appearance as England’s West Country, but a few degrees warmer and with considerably nicer food (arguably!).

The modern region of Brittany is made up of four departments; Finistere, Cotes-d’Armor, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. Culturally and historically the department of Loire-Atlantique is also a part of Brittany.

Brittany has a population of 4.5 million. Significant cities including Rennes and Brest, plus Nantes historically. Brest is mainly modern after heavy damage in the last war, but Rennes is an attractive old university town of around 200,000. Nantes is larger, but equally attractive and historic. From either it is easy to get to Paris in a couple of hours by train and both have thriving property markets.  

The region gets its unique character from the sea. In parts rocky and rough, in parts long, wide sandy beaches; none of the coast could be said to be spoiled. Resorts such as Dinard, near St Malo have always been popular with the British, or Erquy, a favourite spot for retirement but, like all these beaches, resorts and villages, packed with families in August. If you enjoy sailing or kayaking, you will love Brittany.

There are long sandy beaches at resorts such as La Baule-Escoublac near Nantes, backed by some of France’s most high-class seaside homes, Morgat in the far west or Binic in the north. 

Inland you have a huge choice of homes available from unspoilt medieval towns, such as Paimpont, surrounded by the Forest of Brocéliande, or Rochefort-en-Terre, officially one of France’s plus beaux villages. Many of us come to Brittany for the country properties and to get our little patch of land for a fraction of what you’d pay the other side of the channel. In Brittany it is possible to choose from picture-perfect French cottages for under £100,000, right up to your own chateau for a million or two.

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