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Where to find a property for sale in Aquitaine

Perhaps one of the most diverse regions of France, Aquitaine is home to Atlantic surfing beaches, popular cities such as Bordeaux and Biarritz, the largest, greenest forest in France, and the lovely countryside of the Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne departments, dotted with wooded valleys, and medieval villages and castles.

Situated in the south-west corner of France, Aquitaine’s borders reach the southern frontiers of Spain with the Atlantic Ocean running smoothly along the west coast, beautifully contrasted by the Pyrenees mountains towards the south-east.

Property in Biarritz is, as expected, pricey, with new build one-bedroom apartments ranging from €400,000 upwards whilst a four-bedroom house can set you back a minimum of €725,000. However, if you are looking for something more affordable in Aquitaine, there are several charming cottages in the Dordogne department for €200,000 and less. In fact, with its flourishing property market, 16th Century urban development of castles, chateaux, churches, bastides and cave fortresses, Dordogne could be described as the underrated jewel of Aquitaine’s crown.

Getting into Aquitaine itself is easy with the region being served by seven international airports with a two-hour flight time from London. The area can also be reached by Rail Europe with trains going to the heart of Aquitaine. However, public transport in the area is limited and most habitats get around the cities by car.

The sun shines on the region of Aquitaine all year round, boasting mild twenty-something temperatures even in the Autumn months which means it is always the perfect weather to discover all the local amenities.

Because of its proximity to Spain, many of Aquitaine’s 3.2 million habitants originate from the neighboring Mediterranean country and it is no doubt that this mix of eclectic, cultural background is the reason over 16,100 Brits have chosen to relocate to the region, placing it third popular to Paris (21,000) and Poitou-Charentes (16,300).

The stylish and luxurious coastal town of Biarritz is known for its surfing and proudly attracts millions of tourists to its sandy shores whilst Bordeaux is considered by most French people as the greatest wine producing region in the world. And for days when a liquid lunch simply won’t do, take the short hour drive to Arcachon Bay to enjoy the delectable locally grown truffles and oysters!

Aquitaine is a delightful region with many things to see, do and taste, the perfect destination for those who are happy to explore all walks of life.

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