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Where to find a property for sale in Limousin

Limousin is in the northwest of France and is one of the smallest regions in the country. Its familiar name derives from the regional capital, Limoges, and has strangely been taken worldwide to describe a type of vehicle… and a famous breed of beef cattle. You may be surprised to know that although the cattle do indeed originate from this region, the elongated cars do not!

Perhaps because of the size of the region, the property market seems to be particularly prosperous with beautiful three-bedroom homes in the department of Creuse ranging from €95,000 - €150,000 and more luxurious manor homes can be purchased at an average price just shy of €500,000.

The capital city rests on the river Vienne and on the main route between Paris and Toulouse. One can access the region via the six international airports but the most popular one resides in Limoges, just a 20minute drive from the city centre. Many British visitors use the airport, taking advantage of the short flight time of approximately 1hr30m. The Limousin region can also be entered by travelling through Brive.

The Limousin region, located inland in the middle of France, is renowned for its mild and sweet weather throughout the year with temperatures regularly touching 30°C in the summer months.

The region renowned as the centre of arts and culture is a sparsely populated area, housing less than 750,000 people, thus making it the least populated region of metropolitan France. However, the once steady population decline has recently halted, largely due to the influx of approximately 8000 British expats.

Tourism in Limousin is on the rise with many visitors keen to sight-see the picturesque old towns of Guéret, which has a museum with a collection of Limoges painted enamels, and Aubusson, which is famous for its tapestries. Tourists (and locals) also regularly visit the thermal baths at Évaux-les-Bains. Historic sites of interest also include the Romanesque abbey at Solignac and the church at Saint-Julien.

From its traditional bagpipe playing festivals in the summer, lustrous hills, valleys and low mountains rural beauty and agricultural industries, there is enough going on in Limousin to satisfy all.

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