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How to Get a Spanish Property Deposit Back

Let’s talk about collapsed Spanish property purchases, lost deposits and why all might not be lost after all...

24 November 2016

Fifty Years of Barbados

We explore Barbados, Britain's best loved Caribbean property hotspot to find some winter sun.

22 November 2016

Western Algarve vs Eastern Algarve

The Algarve is one of the most popular areas for UK property hunters in Portugal - here we compare the east and west of the region.

18 November 2016

Costa Blanca vs the Canaries - Property Hunt

For John Turner, the big question after the EU Referendum hasn’t been whether or not to buy in Spain, but exactly where to buy there. Retiring early was the trigger for 57-year-old John to begin his search for a Spanish bolt-hole, somewhere he can go to escape Scotland’s cold, wet winters.

17 November 2016

6 Steps to Renting out Your Holiday Home

Here are some of the basics to help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls of directly managing your rental property.

15 November 2016

Welcome to the Silver Coast

Christopher Nye provides an introduction to the Silver Coast, a charmingly unspoilt area of Portugal

13 November 2016

Quick Look at Olu Deniz, Turkey

A quick look at property in the famous area of Olu Deniz in south west Turkey.

10 November 2016

Florida - Why the West is Best

Welcome to the joys of south-west Florida or SWFL as it’s known across the Pond. If Central Florida is all about whiteknuckle rides, then the Southwest coast is embodied by white sandy beaches. 

8 November 2016

Getting a Survey on Your Spanish Home

We talk you through what to expect when getting a survey on your Spanish home, including how the process works, how much it costs and how long it takes.

8 November 2016
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