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October 2010

Loan arrangers

When banks in Europe and the US collapsed in 2008, getting a mortgage became nigh on impossible. But what are lending conditions like for today's overseas buyers? Here's a round-up of finance availability in our favourite sunny destinations

31 October 2010

Homes in Turkey offer great value for money

Despite the property bargains available in Spain, Turkey property agent, Oceanwide Properties, is urging Brits seeking a place in the sun, to consider buying a home in Turkey rather than property in Spain.

28 October 2010

Huge jump in Spain property sales

The Spain property market is back with a bang if the latest figures from the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) are anything to go by.

28 October 2010

Cheaper New Zealand property prices

The cost of buying a home in New Zealand continues to gradually fall, due to a decline in sales transactions, the latest Quotable Value Limited (QV) shows.

27 October 2010

French property prices remain stable

27 October 2010

Armani homes defy Dubai property slump

26 October 2010

Cheap Spain property bargains

26 October 2010

USA property developers remain sceptical

25 October 2010

Vancouver property prices rise despite sales slowdown

24 October 2010
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