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Homes in Turkey offer great value for money

Homes in Turkey offer great value for money

Despite the property bargains available in Spain, Turkey property agent, Oceanwide Properties, is urging Brits seeking a place in the sun, to consider buying a home in Turkey rather than property in Spain.

Demand for property in Turkey has increased significantly in the past three years, with many Brits attracted to the warm weather, close proximity to the UK and low-cost property prices.

But with interest in overseas properties improving, and with prices having fallen dramatically, demand for homes in Spain is on the rise, once more.

But Suleyman Akbay is urging Brits not to ignore the property bargains available in Turkey.

“A greatly reduced apartment in Spain still costs in the region of around £100,000 whereas in Turkey you can secure a similar property for around £37,000”, says Suleyman Akbay of Oceanwide Properties.

Turkey's emerging mortgage market, relatively strong economy, and a shortage of homes in places like Istanbul, has also attracted many property investors to the Turkish property market. Furthermore, because Turkey is not in the European Union or Eurozone, the country offers a shelter from the rather expensive Euro currency.

But Turkey does have very real hopes of eventually joining the European Union in the not too distant future.

Following a recent trip to Turkey, British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “You can really feel that there is a shared vision between us - both strongly wanting Turkey to become a full member of the European Union.”

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