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October 2013

Spain's property market increasingly targeted by foreign investors.

New reports reveal that when it comes to buying Spanish real estate, foreign investors are increasingly outnumbering their local counterparts.

31 October 2013

Find your place in the snow

If you're a skiing or snowboarding fan, you might be thinking of booking a holiday rental property or even buying your own ski pad now the cold weather has set in...

29 October 2013

A Place in the Sun TV show needs you!

The producers of A Place in the Sun TV are looking for house-hunters searching for homes in Florida or the Caribbean to take part in the next series...

28 October 2013

Top 5... Reasons why Paris is better than Chelsea!

For property hunters looking for exclusivity and style, the 16th arrondissement of Paris shares many similarities to the London Borough of Chelsea.

25 October 2013

Miami property market booming: yet still offers value for money

22 October 2013

10 reasons to buy property in Italy

20 October 2013

Ski property back in fashion

20 October 2013

Australia: great place to live but at what cost?

15 October 2013

Why Beefy got bowled over by a property in St Kitts

14 October 2013
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