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Melbourne is the world's most 'liveable city'

Melbourne is the world's most 'liveable city'

Melbourne is the world's most liveable city according to a new survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Taking into account political stability, quality of life, healthcare provisions and the standard of both education and the environment, the Australian city came out on top- knocking Vancouver off the prime spot for the first time in a decade. Vienna was the first European city in the list, ranking third.

The least liveable city in the world is Zimbabwe's capital Harare, just above Dhaka in Bangladesh. Out of the 140 cities surveyed, London ranked 53rd.

The ratings have been shaken up by political events across the world. As a result of the civil war in Libya, Tripoli has fallen from the list for the first time. In its place quieter residential cities with low crime rates, especially in Australia, have rocketed upwards.

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