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January 2010

How to gain in Spain

Tempted by the bargains available in Spain at the moment? We've found three enticing ways to make the most of a purchase in our favourite destination.

26 January 2010

Amanda Lamb trying to comprehend she owns her own overseas home at last!

"For so long it felt like a dream and now I'm trying to comprehend I have my own overseas home to use whenever I want"

17 January 2010

Taxes and charges when buying in France

If you're thinking about buying a holiday home in France you'll need to set aside an average of 10% of your budget for taxes. Our guide will tell you how these sums break down and what you should expect to pay when.

1 January 2010

Meet the Grocers

Terry Ward, 59, and his wife Christine, 53, left Buckingham for Cyprus in May 2008. Here, Christine tells us about their grocery, which gives British expats a taste of home

1 January 2010

Be my guest in Marrakech

1 January 2010