January 2010

How to gain in Spain

Tempted by the bargains available in Spain at the moment? We've found three enticing ways to make the most of a purchase in our favourite destination.

26 January 2010

Amanda Lamb trying to comprehend she owns her own overseas home at last!

"For so long it felt like a dream and now I'm trying to comprehend I have my own overseas home to use whenever I want"

17 January 2010

Test News

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7 January 2010

Taxes and charges when buying in France

If you're thinking about buying a holiday home in France you'll need to set aside an average of 10% of your budget for taxes. Our guide will tell you how these sums break down and what you should expect to pay when.

1 January 2010

Meet the Grocers

1 January 2010

Be my guest in Marrakech

1 January 2010