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July 2009

Be my France.

We invite a reader to tell us about renting out his or her place in the sun. Here we meet Philip, who owns an apartment on the irresistible French Riviera.

28 July 2009

Any Questions - Currency - July 2009

Nick Fullerton, Director of FC Exchange, explains why exchange rates vary at currency kiosks and why some charge commission and others don't.

28 July 2009

Assessing asking prices

In these tricky times no one wants to pay a pretty penny for a property, but when you're buying overseas it can be hard to get a handle on asking prices. Here we show you how to work out if the sales price is on the money or over the odds.

27 July 2009

Fractional ownership case study

Kim Leeper and his wife Elaine, from Dulwich in south London, have bought an eighth-share of a one-bedroom property at Palazzo Tornabuoni, a restored 15th-century palace.

27 July 2009

Spanish Tax Grab

27 July 2009

Amanda Lamb column July 2009 issue

24 July 2009

Retire carefree and cash-rich

23 July 2009

Teaching English in France

1 July 2009

Manana Post - July 2009

1 July 2009
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