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Welcome to Homes Aroud Florida, your next home away from home!

My name is Paola Laccetti, I am a Realtor at Marzucco Real Estate based in Naples Florida, and I am dedicated to helping you find your happy place! I cover all of South Florida, from Tampa, to Naples, all away down to Miami.

My most persistent question has always been, what am I doing for others? I recognize that every interaction I have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on people. In anything I do in life I live by these standards. With real estate, this comes easier, given my passion for it.

I chose to pursue and specialize in International Real Estate because it resonates with me, having gone through many moves and different purchases myself, having worked in this field in the past, and knowing I can help make everything easier.

To know more about my comany and services please feel free to reach out!

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