How to Get a Spanish Property Deposit Back

Let’s talk about collapsed Spanish property purchases, lost deposits and why all might not be lost after all...

24 November 2016

6 Questions for Buying Resale Property in Spain

If you're thinking about buying a resale property resale in Spain here are six questions you need to ask before proceeding.

12 May 2016

Problems with a Cyprus Mortgage? | Free Seminar

Legal specialists Judicare are holding free seminars for concerned owners and buyers of property in cyprus. Book your place now!

28 August 2015

Can owners in Spain be hit with purchase taxes?

It is the question that many of you are asking: can owners in Spain be hit with retrospective purchase taxes? Jonathan Eshkeri of E&G Solicitors Spain responds.

26 June 2015

Ask the expert: Why use an architect in Spain?

17 April 2015

Buying property on a Spanish community: crucial know-how

21 May 2014

How can I protect my overseas property for future generations?

16 April 2014

A lawyer's top ten tips to buying a property in Spain

15 April 2014

Five things a good estate agent in Spain should help with

31 March 2014

Turkey: foreign buyers to get property title in ONE day

5 November 2013
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